Put a third dimension in the portrait! Using 3D Scanning and 3D Printing, you can get a three-dimensional figure of yours or your loved one and decorate your space or give it to your loved ones! The capabilities available in this application are limitless and only limit is your imagination. Now get a figure in the form of a statue or colored miniature or choose from 250 different choices of bodies, hats, hair, etc. through the pioneering "The Bobbleshop" application.
Leave the selfies in the past and enter the new age of shapies!

Enrich your three-dimensional landscapes (3D Backgrounds) with other constructions and see everything around you come alive! Use our services to decorate your unique moments (wedding, baptism, birthday, etc.) or create unique souvenirs and favors!
3D Heroes Figures

If you are a fan of a super hero or you have created your own or in any case you want to see your beloved figure come alive in your hands then you have come to the right! From design, fabrication and finishing to what you want! Give the necessary 3rd dimension to any figure you like almost without any limitation in size!