It is known that 3d print and scan have created an incredible field of imagination and creativity. Therefore, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning applications could not be missing from the advertising industry. With only limit your own imagination and only goal the interest of the prospective client, create unique promotional constructions that break the boundaries of the expectations.

With the ability to convert your logo into a three-dimensional, with the ability to have a copy of the product, a model, a functional model, etc. combine them so that the end result stays forever engraved on your customer’s mind and discussing for your business and your product continuously. With 3D printing and with the help of other methods and combinational constructions, you will be able to make classic promotional gifts (key rings, usb sticks, etc.) unique. But it does not stop there as you can create unique gifts and decorations that no one else could (business card cases, brochures, 3D labels, etc.).

The list of capabilities is endless, so here are some of the constructions you could make to advertise your business as no one does:

  1. Classic promotional gifts in 3D format (key rings, usb sticks, etc.)
  2. Commemorative prizes with 3D design of your choice (even from one photo)
  3. Mockups, static and functional
  4. Rotating, illuminated structures with three-dimensional structures
  5. Signs-3D Markers
  6. Card holders - various other useful items with three-dimensional elements from your logo or product.

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