The technology of 3D printing and scanning is definitely the future of the production process. No one can yet say with certainty what changes will bring, but it is sure they came to provoke revolutionary changes.
It is therefore necessary for people and especially young people to come into contact with this new technology and to know how it works, its strengths and the trends of the future. Our company with great sensitivity in the field of knowledge can offer you a wide range of services and products suitably selected for your own needs.
Get 3D can offer you complete equipment solutions for educational purposes. Install our integrated packages and give your education institution whatever it is (school, university, technical school, etc.), a new technology and your students the ability to learn about the future today!
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Organize your own seminar or workshop!
Get 3D can provide you with services to inform audiences of any age around the 3D Printing and Scanning industry. We will arrange to organize your own event with presentations, interactive activities and rich material. Our dedicated staff and our extensive network of partners can offer you solutions that focus on very specific categories of 3D printing or scanning.
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Ask to build your own 3D objects that serve your own educational purposes and make your lessons unique. In addition to simple constructions, our company can build functional models for you so you can show your students the exact operation of different structures to train your staff in handling machines or whatever else you want.
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