3D Print and 3D Scan are given birth as it is normal from the industry, they have evolved inside and are here to help the development of the manufacturing industry, whatever they are concerned with . Their application in the industry is multi-layered and until recently they have been limited to prototyping, now they are driving rapidly to mass production as well as to manufacturing products for direct use by users or other end-use products.

Our company is inspired by people with years of experience in the country's industry and for this reason we have the advantage of understanding what you need, we can help you in the uncharted waters of the specifications for these new technologies and guide you to every step. Using either our services or our products you will be able to discover applications in your own industry that will surely lead you if not a lot definitely a step ahead of the competition.

If you are not sure what capabilities are being given to your industry, you can contact us to help you in your every step. Specifically, using the 3D Printing and 3D Scanning technologies in combination with 3D Design software, you will find industrial 3d Printing applications such as the ones listed below:

  • Manufacturing Industries: prototypes (functional or non-functional) of your machines for functional and advertising control, prototypes for use in production lines (moldable) or molds in many cases, components designed and built precisely for optimum ergonomics and usability (without geometry constraints ), site or construction mock-ups directly and accurately for the optimal design of the project or for its advertising, etc.
  • Automated production lines: machine’s parts (plastic guides, sprockets, etc.), grapples for robotic mechanisms or not (designed and manufactured exactly in your product), etc.
  • Food industries: molds for production of special formulations, spare parts for machinery etc.
  • Machine-building industries: product’s design directly 3D and with great precision, plastic parts without geometry restrictions, functional prototypes for functional tests and advertising purposes etc.

Last but not least, 3D Metal Printing has been considered a distant future, but the pace of technology evolution has blown up every single shot, bringing even Metal 3D Printing to the office level. Ask us to learn more about the possibilities you have for producing metal objects through 3D printing.

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