A field that knows the applications and capabilities that are given to it. Every modern lab that respects its aesthetics and its customer’s needs should get to know the potential of using 3D Printing and 3D Scanning technology if it hasn’t yet.
In this area, creation and imagination come to set the highest standards of construction combined with the precision of the final models. The equipment and technologies available nowadays will be able to give you the uniqueness that you want to give to each individual customer without increasing the cost of each individual construction at high levels. With materials that in many cases could even be directly jewelry materials, and with castable wax, you can be sure that you will provide unique, economical services and constructions to each of your unique customers.
Combined with 3D Scan and 3D Design, you can instantly create the necessary prototypes and in many cases you will be able to know exactly the weight of the final jewelry, giving you the advantage of knowing the cost of the final item and make corrections before construction. So leave your imagination free and do not deny your mind or your client's idea of any jewelry construction!
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