It is well known that our country is one of the world's largest players in tourism. The technology of 3D Printing and Scanning cannot be missed by the most important industry in Greece.
Our company knowing that the tourism market is a market that needs to be constantly renewed and offering new, modern and impressive products is here to help you make your own tourist shop more innovative.
Get 3D after several market surveys and paying special attention to the special features of the tourist market (immediacy of service, innovative products etc.) is ready to give you complete solutions to any type of tourist shop and if you have:

  1. "The Bobbleshop" 3D Figures

    This solution is the largest commercial success of Get 3D, with the innovative and easy-to-use 3D ScannerEasy Twin you can have a 3D figure by choosing from over 250 different body and hair options, hats etc. Give a new and special souvenir to your customers. Give them the opportunity to see themselves as ancient Greeks, Tsoliades and others.
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  2. Creating special products:

    This solution allows you to create some unique products for you. So you can make a difference in competition and give your shop the specificity that suits it. With this package you can always be one step ahead because you can create products directly, economically and always in keeping with the fashion and the season.
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  3. Create a 3D Printing and Scanning Store

    If you want to be in the future of the tourist product, then make this trip with Get 3D. Our company can undertake to build a 3D Printing and Scanning shop specializing in providing products in the tourism market. What makes us different is that we do not require franchising fees, we do not bind you with contracts, and we're always there to help you with your every problem!
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