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BASF Ultrafuse ASABASF Ultrafuse ASA

BASF Ultrafuse ASA


BASF Ultrafuse ASA is a weather-resistant and stress-resistant material with properties similar to ABS filament.


Powerful replacement for ABS prints.

BASF Ultrafuse filament has higher heat resistance and dimensional stability compared to ABS. High weather conditions, ultraviolet radiation and chemical resistance allow the use of printed models outdoors without hesitation. In addition, the prints have a high quality matte surface. Thanks to the dimensional stability and mechanical strength, the BASF Ultrafuse ASA is ideal for prototypes.

Package of 750g

Printing Properties

Material: ASA
Manufacturer: BASF
Weight of the Filament: 750g
Special Features: For outdoor uses
Printing Temperature: 250-270°C
Heat Bed:100°C