craftunique craftbot xl 3d printer
craftunique craftbot xl 3d printer
craftunique craftbot xl 3d printer



The Supervisor!



A fully upgraded Craftbot machine. Craftbot 3 came to challenge your demandings, new mechanical parts, advanced tracking systems, dual head, and more.

The new largest print table (374x250x250 mm) allows the comfortable movement of two independent metal printheads, giving the dual-printing capabilities without following the all known problems. The mechanical parts are completely new and they offering low vibrations and better print quality. The Z-axis has redesigned for greater precision and support. Craftbot 3 also has a new model cooling system to improve performance even on smaller models.

The package is completed with the unique Supervisor, which help you to not have any worries about your printing and be always sure of the power supply.

Finally, like the others Craftbot machines Craftbot 3 is equipped with:

Heated table
Side transparent covers
WiFi Connectivity
Ability to reset from power failure
Easy operation from LCD touch screen
Craftbot 3 is self-confident and gives you 2 years of warranty, and with the help of Get 3D you will be able to start printing within minutes.

Together with the printer you will receive the Craftware software and a set of nozzles 0,25 / 0,4 / 0,6 / 0,8 mm

Additional information

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Print Table
374mm x 250mm x 250mm
270x250x250 mm (Dual)
322x250x250 (Single)
Resolution until 100μm
Nozzle Diameter
Software Craftware
Material PLA, ABS etc
Additional Information
  • Two independent heads
  • Reset from power failure
  • Feed Control