creality cr10 3d printer
creality cr10 3d printer



The most Value for Money 3D Printer for Big Children!


Creality CR10 is one of the best value for money 3D printers on the market. It is available in two "smaller" versions (S3 / S4). The printer has special innovations such as the Filament Monitor and high quality ball bearing for smoother rolling in the aluminum frame.The printer will check the level of your material and stop if the material finished. When you change the material it will be able to continue normally from the point where it stopped. Scrolling quality will help you get prints with the best quality on the ultimate surface and in combination with some reinforcements made in the Z axis, quality will be perfect even on the tallest objects. The new extruder has the ability to work continuously for up to 200 hours of print at 250oC.Also the printer has a nozzle of 0,4mm and a 0,3mm. Finally, you will receive the printer in 3 pieces, packed carefully in order to be able to assemble it in just a few minutes and start production!

All Get 3D products are covered by one (1) year warranty.


Print Table 300x300x400 mm (S3)
400x400x400 mm (S4)
Resolution until 50 μm
Nozzle Diameter 0,4 mm
0,3 mm (προαιρ)
Software CURA, Simplify 3d, Repetier Host
Material PLA, ABS, TPU, Specials
Additional Information
  • Heated Platform
  • Check material level