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Formlabs Castable Wax Resin


Instantly castable material with 20% Candle!



With a new improved composition, Formlabs brings to Form 2 a new castable resin was added with 20% wax. With this material you can print with absolute precision even the smallest detail of your model.

But the magic point is not this..the magic lies in the possibility that allows you to immediately cast the model and get a wonderful metal object (usually silver, gold, etc.). The material burns completely during the baking process of the mold and will not leave any residue so you can worry about the quality of the final model. This resin is used for the direct casting of the model (with plaster, embankment, etc.) if you want to print models for the vulcanization method ("pressing on rubber") then see here.

The new improved composition contains 20% wax and in addition to reducing the peeling time to 50%, it does not require the lengthy photopolymerization process required until now. So you can reduce by at least 17 hours a year from the end of printing to the casting process, increasing your productivity, service speed and of course reducing production costs!


Available in 1L packages.

See instructions for use here.

Form 2 requires use Form Tank LT