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Zortrax M200 get what we all expected. Zortrax shows that the enemy of the good is always the best. The Zortrax M200 Plus has come to give us industry-level innovations into desktop mode.

Zortrax M200 Plus now has touch screen, WiFi connectivity, new head, power control and many more innovations. Based on the previous model, it has all its positive features, and with key improvements it will always be your most faithful machine. Beginning from the head, the M200 Plus is now equipped with the new Hotend V3, enabling it to print and elastic materials (Z-Semiflex).The new touchscreen allows for better handling, while with WiFi connectivity you can communicate directly with it (even to start-pausing printing via the Z-Suite). The experience in printing is enhanced through an integrated camera and multiple tracking through its software. All these make Zortrax M200 Plus a one-way street for every small business / craft industry, but also a larger industry that wants to integrate 3D Printing.

The most important improvement is the power supply control system by stopping printing when the material is finished, which makes the M200 Plus even more reliable.

The M200 has won several awards so far, while the M200 Plus has come to surpass every past!

We offer it with all the necessary help!

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Print Table 200x200x180 mm
Analysis until 90 μm
Nozzle Diameter 400 μm
Software Z-Suite
Material Z-Materials


Additional Information
  • Heated Platform
  • Automatically Allig
  • Touch Screen
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Built-In Camera
  • Material Feed Control