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Zortrax Z-ULTRAT


Strength, quality, colors… when you want to stand out even in the details!



The Z-Ultrat is the enhanced version of the successful Z-ABS Zortrax consumable. With impurities suitable to offer you even greater strength, greater rigidity and lower elasticity. This increases the quality and durability of your functional components from your Zortrax but also improves the behavior of any object and if you want to make it with high durability.

The low elasticity of the Z-Ultrat also helps reduce warping and combined with the wide range of colors it has will definitely become one of your favorite consumables. Finally, it does not make any discount on the final result in relation to the other consumables of Zortrax and here we have a great finish and adhesion to the mattresses, the possibility of processing even with processing machines but also with acetone (acetone) like the classic ABS.

Available in 800g packages and in 3 different colors.