3D Printing, or better described as Additive Manufacturing, is a technology with enough years of evolution that only than a few years ago started to mainstreaming. Unfortunately this rapid development has brought to market many users that deliver products too far away of the appropriate quality, mainly for “un”-knowledge reasons.

By using our services you are always sure that you acquire exactly what you asked and for the purpose you wanted to. The huge quantity of different materials demand a specialized person by your side, with knowledge and moral in order to help you choose the best options for your construction. Moreover our people have always to suggest you more than one option for you construction in order to make your ideal choice. We are always working on you project carefully and with respect to final users of the products. Before giving to you our proposals, we are going to study on all available options and by presenting to you all pros and cons of all choices, we are going to leave the final decision to you.

In our labs you will find the newest machines with worldwide quality prizes. Our company owns 3D Printers from companies such Zortrax, Formlabs, Craftunique, Raise 3D, BQ, 3D Systems that are able to produce products in building volumes from 200x200x200 mm up to 800x800x800 mm. We are able to offer you almost all available 3D Printing technologies. In our labs you will find 3D Printers FFF (FDM) extrusion technology, SLA technology, SLS technology and a person that will guide you to the best value for money choice for your construction. Under special requirement we can even 3D Print on metal.

Except from 3D Printing Services we are able to offer you some more services regarding 3D Printers. We can offer you:

  • Support Packages: In order to use your machines at the best adjustments.
  • Training Packages: We will teach you how to use your 3D Printer, how to setting it up, how to choose adjustments.
  • Service/Upgrades: If you already own a 3D Printer and you want some help in any problem you have or you want to get it higher, then we are going to be by your side in every step.

We believe each person is a unique person, we want to face him/her as it is. For this reason we would like to talk only with you for each idea or project you have.
If you already have an idea or a photo or a sketch of what you want to construct then push HERE or send us an email at info@get3d.gr