3D Scanning is one of the most recent technologies that is being used in order to create a 3D model file. Of course like all other manufacturing technologies 3D Scan has too some restrictions, blind spots and “small” letters and if we add special demands of each project then things are getting hard enough.

All these above are getting someway more simple by using our services in order to 3D Scan whatever you want. By using high quality equipment and with high precision we are able to scan each object you want, from the tiniest one to largest one. Our people are here in order to help you to choose the best solution for your project taking into mind that you will not need to spend too much money in order to get the final result. In downsizing period it is crucial to understand the needs of each project and act by having them in mind. A highly specialized consultant will study on your project and he/she will propose you the best solution in order to get a 3D model as it is needed for each application..

Our job is not finished just by digitalizing your object. By using some special software and with our experience in the field, we will prepare you a file which will be ready for use in each project. In some cases file may also have some information about texture (Fullcolor 3D Scan).
Finally in our company you will find the unique face 3D Scanner Easy twin using software The Bobbleshop
Contact us at …… or at (0030) 2815201814 in order to discuss for your project. You can also email us at info@get3d.gr orHERE.