3D Printing has been established in a very nice way to the construction field and not only there. Everyday thousand companies search their application in the field they act as all these new technologies have opened some new paths. Our company cares for professionals with only one goal, whichever is your job we want to show you what you can do with these technologies. .

One of us is going to listen to your needs and will check the points you want to make better or totally change. We will study carefully all appropriate parameters from the information you are going to give us and we will provide you alternatives exist for your business. We could categorize available services to professionals as by:

  1. Providing services regarding project construction taking in mind all specifications given from you. By using this service we will not only 3D Print or 3D Scan for you, but we are going to add any needed manufacturing technology for you project in order to achieve the goal you set to us.
  2. 2. Massive productions (small and medium batches). With help from new technologies we are specialized on and with some cooperation from “traditional” manufacturing procedures, we are able to produce up to 5.000 pieces (with the possibility this number to change up to the project).
  3. Product Development. Using this service as a professional you can feel the advantages of a big company. You can actually have a research and development (RnD) department without having to spend for such a department. We have the best people of the market, not because they know better from others, because they know to listen, to search, to combine all information in order to achieve the goal, which finally the purpose.
  4. 4. Consulting on buying machines. With this service we will check your needs and we will specify together the future of your company. We will suggest you regarding all alternatives you got and we will guide you in the best possible buy for you company.
  5. Training/Support. Getting the right equipment doesn’t bring the success. A good equipment may bring an advantage to your business but finally the difference comes from your company’s people. For this reason our people are going to train you how to use your machines at their best, getting whatever is possible from them. Our people are going to be by your side at every step so as never to get stuck!
  6. 3D Printing Shops/Shop-in-Shop: The nowadays competitive market is a very hard place to act and sometimes drives business to struggle. 3D Printing and 3D Scanning technologies are here to drive the future of each business where it has to go. Get the possibility to treat you customers with unique products like no one else, because no one else will never manufacture them again. Contact us to learn how to set up a 3D Printing-3D Scanning-3D Design lab. Learn how to create a shop-in-shop or how to add some 3D Printed products in your shop as it is.
  7. Get 3D Partners: In order to always provide best quality services to our customers we are always looking for new partners with the ability to design. These partners will come in touch with our customers locally and will discuss on there demands. Contact us in order to learn more and become a Certified Get3D Partner..

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