3D Scan

3D Scanning

3D Scanning is one of the most modern technologies used to create digital 3D files. Of course, like all technologies, there are limitations, hidden points and footnotes, and if the specificity of each case is not added, then things become quite complicated.

All of these are simplified using our services to scan whatever you want. Using high-precision equipment we are able to scan any object you want, from the smallest to the largest. Our people are here to help you choose the right solution for your project without having to spend a fortune to get the final result. In the age of downsizing, it is important to understand the needs of each case and act accordingly. A qualified consultant will study your project and suggest the best solution so that you can get a 3D model exactly as required for your application.

The process of digitizing with 3d scanning is not a simple process, and for its successful execution requires knowledge of the specifications and the use of files. Analysis, accuracy, colors and respect for the original are some of the details that determine the methods to be used. It is also important that the final file that is received is manageable without losing its quality. All these details and the special features of each project are discussed with us. We will suggest you all the possible solutions for your needs and finally the file you will receive will be exactly what you needed. If your project requires more complex solutions then we will guide you to save unnecessary costs and / or procedures that can reduce the quality of the digital file.

Our work does not end with the digitization of an object. Our design department and our consulting engineers are able to offer high level reverse engineering and product development services. With the use of appropriate software we will deliver you a three-dimensional model that will be ready for final use. The process of reverse engineering and product development is a process that requires high level of technical knowledge. However, our difference does not lie on our highly technically trained staff, but in the experience in the industrial sector. Experience is one of the most important, if not the most important, factors for the success of a product. Our design department has both the knowledge and the necessary experience to not only digitize your product, but to improve it and redesign it appropriately.

The 3D Scanners we own, have the ability to scan accurately up to 10microns. The size of the item does not have a maximum limit, so we are essentially able to scan whatever you ask for. Under certain conditions, the digital file may also have the textures of the scanned object (color 3d scanning). Scanning accuracy is not the same for all objects, hidden surfaces, geometry and object size affect the accuracy of the digital file. However, there is no discount on the accuracy of the specifications that we will define and inform you before each of our works. All construction processes have a margin of error, however there is no margin of error in the specifications that will be set by our team. We are confident that we will deliver what we promised to you in full, which is why we guarantee our work.

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