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Two-Headed Eagle AEK FC

    One of our most special creations we recently undertook on behalf of the historic Greek football team ΑΕΚ. By combining elements of the photo-realistic and the real depictions of the theoretical and unique statue of the double-headed eagle outside the new stadium of the OPAP ARENA "AGIA SOFIA" , we have created a special souvenir in miniature. A particularly demanding project as apart from its unique design, we had to maintain the glamor and imposingness it reflects. To all this we have added production in our workshops for several units. The final product as you can see fairly represents both our team and our project! A 4 kg souvenir with construction without discounting the detail and with materials that give the prestige of the team and aromas from the forgotten homelands! We hope it will be available to the general public soon!!!

    Tech Specs:
    Dimensions: 310x155x260 mm (LxWxH)
    Materials: Marble, Acrylic, Resin
    Weight: 4 kg