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The 3D scan (3D Scanning) is the most modern method to obtain a 3D drawing of a physical object. Of course, like all technologies, here too there are limitations, hidden points and footnotes that in combination with the uniqueness of each case makes the process worthy of attention.

3D Scanning

3D Scanning Solutions

Using our 3d scanning services, you are sure for the requested result overriding all “hard” points of the process. Our equipment is capable for scanning from the tiniest to the largest object you wish. Our engineers will guide you to the right choice for your project. Digitalization and creation of 3d designs are not simple procedures.

For the effective execution, it is necessary to know all crucial points of the project, while the purpose of usage of 3d designs will also set serious specifications. Through these specifications and optimized utilization of our equipment through highest possible accuracy, we can ensure you that result can’t be nothing else than what requested. With absolutely respect on you prototype and even (in some cases) adding the ability to capture colors and surfaces, we will prepare your digital file, optimized for its operational ability to your PCs.

Our job doesn’t limit to these. Except from just 3d scanning servicing for a prototype, we are able to deliver you high quality Reverse Engineering and Product Development services. Such services require high educated and experienced engineers, but mainly demand a wide range of knowledge in different industrial sectors. Our experience in many industrial applications, make us such competitive so as you to be sure for the success of the project.

Our equipment is capable of scanning with accuracy up to 10 microns (under circumstances), while software that we are using gives us the ability to have a high control over the project. We should mention that the highest accuracy can’t be achieved in every scanning procedure, while all delivered designed can’t have the same highest accuracy. We should also mention that from our design office you will never get anything less than optimum quality. Our designers will be in close contact with you so as to ensure that all difficulties are correctly managed and specifications set are appropriate for your project.

Η τεχνολογίες του 3D Scanning βασίζονται σε δύο βασικές αρχές που ξεχωρίζουν κυρίως από την πηγή του εκπεμπόμενου φωτός. Αφενός η τεχνολογία του structured light (δομημένου φωτός) το οποίο με τη χρήση ενός projector προβάλει και ταυτόχρονα διαβάζει συγκεκριμένα μοτίβο φωτός από το ζητούμενο αντικείμενο, αφετέρου η τεχνολογία laser που όπως αντιλαμβάνεται κανείς βασίζεται σε ανάγνωση ανακλώμενης ακτίνας laser. Πολλές τεχνικές δυσκολίες απαντώνται σε εξαρτήματα τα οποία έχουν υψηλή ανάκλαση με αποτέλεσμα να μειώνεται δραματικά η ποιότητα του σαρωμένου αντικειμένου όσο και η ακρίβεια των αυτών μετρήσεων. Βέβαια η τεχνολογία laser scan επιτρέπει μεγαλύτερη ευελιξία σε σχέση με αυτή του structured light, χωρίς ωστόσο να αποτελεί πανάκεια για κάθε εφαρμογή.

Στην Get 3D είμαστε σε θέση να χρησιμοποιήσουμε όλες τις διαθέσιμες 3d scan τεχνολογίες με τον βέλτιστο τρόπο ώστε εσείς να αποκτήσετε στη μέγιστη ακρίβεια το ζητούμενο σχέδιο.

Utilization of 3d scanning consists a choice which many times in enabled even it is not needed, adding cost to your product development. Our engineers are here to help you select the optimum way to achieve the best digital 3d design. Many time designing a part demands just good knowledge in metrology and geometry, while 3d scanning is enabled in more difficult and non-common geometries.


You set the specifications, we take care of the rest.

Results at your demands

Our team will be in touch with you at every step of your project.


We are confident that we will deliver exactly what we promised you, so we guarantee our work.

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