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3D Design according to your needs

3D Design


Your design will be used exclusively by you.

Even if this term is generally used to describe whoever knows to digital “lining”, we prefer to refer to the deepest meaning of real design process. Our designers are not just users of CAD software, but they are designers with high level of knowledge each one to his/her field of expert.

Our experience through past working in different industrial units of the country, but also with our till today delivery of enough successful projects, help us to better understand your needs. In our design department you will find different people, each one able to design using the necessary specifications of each project, either for pure mechanical (or similar) applications or for more “special” geometries.

Our designers make the most of specialized Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, Sculpting, etc. But mainly we are able to know the behavior of the designed product in various applications through software simulations (CAE-Simulation Software).
By using the right tools we will be able to give you a very precise overview of the behavior and points of attention of your design. With photorealistic rendering, weight, volume, thermal and mechanical stress calculations among others, you will be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of your project with a fairly high degree of accuracy.

Our people are ready to start designing even from just a simple description or a draft paper sketch. They will guide you to the best fitted manufacturing methods, even from the first steps of designing process, always having in mind that 3d printing is not the only way but just the escape from “no manufacturability” way.

Custom 3D Design using the best tools on the market.

Last but not least comes the confidentiality. Our company is some of least, if not the only one, which doesn’t announce cooperation for marketing purposes (if not else agreed). In this way we ensure that our cooperation is based in strong bonds, while you are sure that your copyrights are safe and your designs are not “travelling” through offices.

We would be liars if we said that we know everything…On the other side we wouldn’t be if we said that we are ready to learn everything if this is so requested for your project! We are just waiting to challenge us!