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Masterfill PLA

    Our company recently started introducing a new range of PLA products for use in 3D printers. The Masterfill PLA series consists of choices of 18+ colors with specifications that were set after several tests in our laboratories. With Masterfill PLA you will be able to print comfortably on any 3D Printer in a temperature range of 200-220. At the same time, the fixed cross-section with a deviation of 0.05mm and its composition, allow the production of models even with high printing speeds without causing discontinuity in the final model. The texture of the final product is flawless, while in some colors there is no need for manual processing to eliminate the layers. Finally, the material is characterized by quite good mechanical strengths for trouble-free use in various applications.

    Soon we expect the expansion of the range of Masterfill products to new materials! Print without fear with the Get3D guarantee and having a person by your side to help you every step of the way!