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3D Covid Project

    A big initiative, a major change in the usual took place about a month ago in the 3D Printing community. A huge voluntary effort to make 3D Printed Faces was carried out by private initiative. Our company could not be apart of this, and to date has manufactured over 2000 face masks using 3D Printers both for the voluntary initiative and for direct sponsorships from our company to those who needed them during difficult days of quarantine!

    The organizers of the initiative deserve a big applause as coordinating more than 2000 volunteers, industry professionals to use the more than 350 3D printers is not an easy thing! Congratulations to Mr. Koutretsos Costas and Mr. Kokkinos Simos for their fantastic contribution to society.

    Finally we would like to thank our sponsors, who trusted us and helped us complete our project!