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The world of construction is a large and multifaceted world that requires the combination of many techniques and technologies (Manufacturing Technologies) in order to receive the final product. At Get 3D we decided to simplify this world for you. Through the experience in the field of 3D printing and the demand in the product development industry we found the need for the professional to receive his own personalized product without getting involved with the multitude of different techniques required for its production.

This is because the production of a final product rarely involves the use of a single manufacturing technology. In the company over time we have developed a multitude of construction techniques in order to provide COMPLETE services in the construction-production industry. In this way you have in front of you only one person with whom you can get along. We undertake to organize or perform all the necessary processes required for the production of your product. Of course, all this is done with the guarantee of our company on everything you receive.

Manufacturing Technologies

3D Printing- Additive Manufacturing

As one of our main manufacturing methods, 3d printing couldn’t be missing from our services. In our labs you can find almost all available AM technologies (FFF, SLA, SLS, Binder Jet etc.), by which we are able to fulfill all your requirements. Optimum choices and a combination of such technologies will take place from one of our experts, who is responsible to help you choose the appropriate methods. All choices should take into account the quantities requested, delivery time, as well as the final requested quality of the product. Through a wide range of partners there is also the possibility for metal 3d printed parts, which is a solution we hope to establish soon in our labs.

Glass/Carbon Fibers

Composite materials field is one of the most prominent in the research of manufacturing. In our company it is provided the ability to manufacture either complex or more simple geometries by utilizing sheets of glass and carbon fibers. Hardening of such materials is achieved through polyester or epoxy resins, while molds are mostly manufactured through 3d printing. In this way we can achieve to deliver you even the most complex geometries. This is because through 3d printers utilization, production of complex geometries and sophisticated assemblies is not increasing cost of the molds.


No product could become a best-seller just because it is good (operational), a necessary part of success is the finishing- fill of it. For this reason, in our facilities it has been designed a special room in order to succeed to finish your parts in the optimum way. Except from the conventional methods (grinding, coating, painting etc.) in this room they are being executed a wide range of other works which may be needed so as to make the “absolute” product. Our people with passion and love for their job are going to take care of your parts. In this hand working way we ensure that we would have firstly touch each surface so as to deliver you the best. In parallel, with assistance from our artistic partners we are able to deliver you services even for artistic jobs in a fully detailed way.

We are dreaming a world where everyone would be able to make her/his dreams true! We are here to listen to you, and help you solve your problems and finally bring into reality your ideas! Virtualize Your Imagination... is our moto!