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Professional 3D Printing

3D printing is a new, innovative manufacturing method. Enough studies and opinions are showcasing that the future of manufacturing and production tends to Additive Manufacturing and this is because many advantages arising through 3d printing. Many implementations and pros are emerged through 3d printing introduction to the world of enterprises, so as to improve their produced parts and further gain a larger share of the market.

Get 3D couldn’t do nothing less than be a close partner to those professionals, totally goal-oriented to help them implement in an excellent way 3d printing and finally improve the image making of their companies. Applications in professional environment are endless, but a short categorization could be conducted so as to help you spot the way that your company would be able to pass to new manufacturing era.

Product Development

Our people are stand by to start developing your new products for your company. With utilization of the necessary design tools, simulation software and a wide range of other digital tools, we would be able to present to you in the best way your new product, before this is going to further proceed to manufacturing stage. Parallelly, through 3d printing we are able to give you a prototype, which under circumstances could be a fully operable prototype like the final product. In this way, you are going to be able to check in depth your product before this is going to proceed to production stage. This is achieved through utilization of photorealistic captures, as well as through prototype manufacturing with selection of the appropriate materials for your product. Product development procedure, is a procedure which demands a perfect cooperation between designer and the customer.

In order to achieve this perfection, it is necessary designer to “talk in your language”. It is of great importance for us to fully understand your needs, as the final result should be exactly as you described it to our designers, and operatable according to the specifications. This is achieved by allocating a fully educated design department, with experience in industrial sector. In this way, our people are able to communicate with you in a fully understandable manner, they are able to understand your needs, identify your concerns but most of all they are able to solve your problems before or during design process. Each of our people is an expert in different field and all of them have our greatest trust to their choices. Such variety in expertise fields, help us to grant each design project to the appropriate designer, which is going to act as your personal design special assistant. Of course, it is hard to be an expert in all fields, and where our knowledge is limited and not enough experience exists, a wide network of partners starts. Combination of all mentioned above facts provides us a pole position, because a total solution is provided from us to you for your product development.

Professional 3D Printing

Mass Production

Get 3D invested and it continues to invest a large part of the income in order to develop its infrastructures. Taking as a must value to operate using the best of the available equipment in the market and with our loyalty to 3d printing, we are currently own two of the most fully equipped labs in Greece. Additionally, we are owners of one of the biggest 3d printers farm in Greece, and as a result we are able to provide mass production servicing. Modern market demands a high degree of personalized products, while continuous renewals are still a must. Traditional manufacturing methods and the “industrially mass produced” products are not able to withstand and follow these market’s rules. Tools’ cost and cost-quantity trend of such huge production range are not helping you to own modern personalized and with the ability to continuously renew products. In such costs, they are additionally added costs of shipment, storage, customs etc. Additive Manufacturing by the contribution of all of its available technologies, in combination with some conventional manufacturing methods are giving the opportunity to distinguish and gain an advantageous place in the market. By utilizing 3d printing you can minimize cost for fully personalized products, as it is not required the usage of special tools, as well as you can reduce manufacturing time so as to produce only on demand.

Regarding short time for renewals, except from designing cost, through 3d printing nothing else would be required so as a product to get continuous upgrades. All these combined with other advantages, such as almost no limited manufacturability of complex geometries, as well as the flat rate regardless structure’s complexity are making 3d printing a far competitive choice. It should be mentioned that in the case that parts’ quantity is exceeding to large enough numbers, 3d printing is a one-way choice. It is sure 3d printing is not the most cost-effective solution when we are dealing with huge manufacturing quantities. That’s the reason why before admitting out cooperation to your project, we would offer you all the alternatives, including a thorough cost analysis, so as to have all the necessary data to decide for the best solution for your products.

Training/ Support

It would be a great mismatch of us, while we are professionals in such an innovative manufacturing method, to not have the passion to impart our knowledge to each one of you. Having a complete view for the operational part of 3d printing in each field which is applied, we can understand that all training packages could not be all the same. That means that 3d printing implementation in each sector is not the same to others. Either because of the different AM technologies that are utilized or due to particularities of each profession, are requesting a fully personalized and high expertise of the training processing.

This is what distinguish us to other educational providers, as we don’t want just to talk about Additive Manufacturing, but we want to provide you all the necessary tools through our education programs, so as to be able to face your particular problems. In parallel we are cooperating with other educational providers so as to enhance the dissemination of 3d printing utilization and whole world finally learn all the new possibilities that are given through AM. Establishing a cooperation with us, you will acquire your personal educational consultant, this person will help you design your particular seminars either in the case of general information or in the case of exclusive content to 3d printing, 3d scanning and 3d design.

We are here to listen to your needs and then develop the appropriate education package not only regarding its duration but also its intension. Finally, we can provide you support packages regarding not only your new but also your existing equipment. With such packages you can be sure that your equipment will work in an unstoppable way. Moreover, to ensure that your equipment is going to be unstoppable, by choosing certain support packages we are going to produce for you in the case that your equipment is broken or under maintenance.

Research and Development

Our experience in prototyping, as well as generally in innovation of Additive Manufacturing, allows us to sustain a strong advantage in research. Parallelly, our personnel is fully passioned with research, as through our cooperation with Universities and other research providers, our people are acting to real vocational education. Get 3D’s staff acquires a strong academic level, while our act in European and local research programs is enhancing our research productivity. Our company is cooperating with a wide range of labor and public players in order to succeed innovation in research and finally solve real every day problems.