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3D Print Online

Upload your file in .stl, .obj format and immediately see an estimate for its construction. Select the hardware, finish, and printer you want to build. The application will give you one price estimate for the cost and not the final price. The final value is obtained after a manual check on your file.

ATTENTION: Automatic invoicing can not give you an accurate estimate if you want more than one of the same plan. In case of such an order contact us.

In case you do not see the desired material, you can contact us.

Printing Technolgy

FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

FFF technology is a method of 3D printing where the "layers" of materials are joined through specific instructions given to the printer to create an object. The material is heated to be extruded next to or above previous layers to create the final layer by layer object.

SLA (Sterolithography)

Stereolithography (SLA) is one of the most common 3D printing methods. It works by using a laser to photopolymerize resins contained in the "table" of the printer to create the three-dimensional object.

Full Colour Sandstone

It allows us to color 3D printing, making it the ideal material for printing architectural models, figures and other applications that require color.

Selective layer sintering

The use of high power laser achieves the melting of the material which is in powder form in the printing chamber

Material Select


PLA Simple biodegradable plastic that is most often used due to its ease of printing, low cost and dimensional accuracy.
ABS A low cost material for creating hard and durable objects that can withstand high temperatures.
ULTRAT A reinforced ABS with better durability from Zortrax.
PETG Known for its ease of printing, it offers smooth surfaces, water resistance & better temperature resistance compared to PLA.
HIPS A lightweight material often used as a support in ABS due to its ability to dissolve in solutions.
Wood Filled Combination of PLA as a base with wood as additives to give our object the feeling and look of wood.
Metal Filled Combination of PLA with different types of metals that give a unique look to the object and give extra weight. (* finish required)
PC Polycarbonates are known for their durability and remarkable durability. Their high resistance to temperatures is ideal for adverse environments.
Carbon Fiber Filled Filaments based on either ABS or PLA contain small fibers of carbon fiber that help strengthen the final object.
PP (Polypropylene) Polypropylene is a semi-hard and lightweight material commonly used in storage and packaging applications. Polypropylene is durable and has good resistance to fatigue, making it ideal for low-strength applications such as hinges, straps, straps, etc.


Standard Resins (Grey, Black, White, Clear) Simple resins for SLA printing
Tough 1500 Simulates the properties of polypropylene (PP)
Tough 2000 Simulates the properties of ABS
Dental Model Specialized consumable for dental use in working molds
Durable High resistance to dynamic stresses
High Temp High temperature resin (resistance 238 ° C)
Castable Wax Resin with the possibility of direct casting
Rigid Reinforced with glass, it offers maximum rigidity
Elastic 50A Elastic resin for great flexibility and fast return to the original state
Elastic 80A Elastic resin that replaces rubber items