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BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF15BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF15

BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF15


BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF15 is a polymer-based filament characterized by high strength and high temperature resistance.


BASF has developed a new polymer-based filament that opens up new possibilities in the field of demanding 3D printing. PAHT CF15 contains 15% carbon fiber reinforcement, which allows for greater strength and temperature resistance.

Polyamide (also known as nylon) is a thermoplastic material that has a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. In this special composition, the material achieves increased dimensional stability, which remains resistant to permanent stress up to 150 ° C. At temporary loads, the material can withstand even 180 ° C.

The carbon fiber content of 15% ensures strength and rigidity. The material is easy to print and can even be combined with a water-soluble backing material. However, when combining water-soluble backing material with PAHT, make sure that the difference in print temperature between the two materials is as small as possible.

PAHT CF15 wears out the Nozzle. You need a hardened nozzle for a smooth printing process. Ruby Nozzle is recommended.

Make sure you use a minimum layer height of 0.2 mm and a clear glass plate for printing. Hardened nozzle is also required.

Package 750g


Manufacturer: BASF/Innofil3D
Weight of the Filament: 750g
Special Features: Chemical Resistance
Printing Temperature: 240-260°C
Heat Bed: 100°C