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Dimafix Print Bed Adhesive Spray 400mlDimafix Print Bed Adhesive Spray 400ml

Dimafix Print Bed Adhesive Spray 400ml


Dimafix Print Bed Adhesive Spray 400ml - Suitable for professional applications and maximum adhesion for engineering plastics and larger prints.


Dimafix Print Bed 400ml
Good adhesion of your print to the print surface is essential in 3D printing! DimaFix is ​​now available to correct your subject while printing and to avoid distortion. DimaFix is ​​a new spray adhesive for 3D printers with a heated printing bed, which prevents warping of large objects. Dimafix is ​​an adhesive aerosol spray that forms a strong bond between the first layer and the board when the bed is heated above 60 ° C. Below 60 ° C DimaFix becomes inactive so that prints can be easily removed. DimaFix - the fixing spray ensures a stable connection between glass and plastic. The adhesive spray is completely water soluble, so cleaning the printing surface is an easy process.

When using materials that require a higher print bed temperature, Dimafix is ​​the best solution. The range between 90 ° and 140 ° C is the maximum adhesion range that allows the use of materials that are more stable and subject to greater shrinkage. ABS, CPE +, PC, PP and others are materials that operate within this range. This property also allows the construction of larger sections with a lower risk of warping and detachment.

Different print & pressure surface temperatures (nozzle-bed distance) lead to different degrees of adhesion:

Below 60 ° C: Without adhesion, objects can be detached from the plate.
60-75 ° C: Medium adhesion for simple geometries.
75-95 ° C: High adhesion for complex geometries and large prints.
Above 95 ° C: Very high adhesion, for complex geometries and very large prints.