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Formlabs Form 3B+

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Form 3B+ Basic Package:

Περιλαμβάνει τον Form 3B+ συν 1x Resin Tank – 1x Build Platform – Ετήσιο Support Plan

Form 3B+ Complete Package:

Περιλαμβάνει τον Form 3B+ συν 1x Resin Tank – 1x Build Platform – Ετήσιο Support Plan – Form Wash – Form Cure

Με δυνατότητα επέκτασης εγγύησης σε 2 ή 3 χρόνια!
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Form 3B+ Dental

New Form 3B+ Dental is a sophisticated desktop 3D printer specifically designed for biocompatible materials The accurate & reliable system is designed to reduce your time spent with the printer so you can focus on other tasks.

The Form 3B+ υποστηρίζει επιπλέον βιοσυμβατά dental υλικά συγκριτικά με τον Form 3+.

Εκταμιεύστε τον χρόνο σας και παράγετε εξαρτήματα τα οποία παραδίδετε χωρίς δεύτερη σκέψη, περιορίζοντας την κούραση και το απαγορευτικό κόστος. Ο Form 3B+ προσφέρει αξιοπιστία, ποιότητα και ευκολία στη χρήση.

  • Scan

Scan the patient's anatomy using an oral scanner.

  • Design

Enter the data in a design program

  • Print

Insert the files into the PreForm and send them directly to Form 3B for printing.

  • Process

Wash, dry and process printed items. Some printed items can be used directly due to biocompatibility .

The new generation of 3D printing for dentistry!

XY Resolution: 25microns

The specially designed Light Processing Unit (LPU) uses a robust system of mirrors and lenses to provide accurate and repetitive prints.

Designed for production

Print dimensions:

Print 2-3 times more objects with one print compared to other printers and dedicate your time to demanding projects and not over the printer!

Dentistry requires more!

Each material is tested and certified confirming the quality and accuracy. Switch between dental materials with great ease!


Συνδυάζοντας τον Form 3B+ με το Form Wash & Form Cure smooth and automate the cleaning and hardening of printed items with minimal effort and time.