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Formlabs Form 3L

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Flawless printing, in any size!

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Form 3L

Bring the printer to your place with the most reliable results by producing industrial components large scale.

Print high resolution objects without a problem creating a large object. Unstoppable production of high quality that never stops!

With advanced technology Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) ™.

Formlabs has completely redesigned 3D-based resin printing to drastically reduce the printing process.

Point accuracy.
The specially designed Light Processing Unit (LPU) uses a robust system of mirrors and lenses to provide accurate and repetitive prints.
Stop sacrificing quality for speed! With built-in 2 LPUs print times will impress you compared to the volume of the item!

The Form 3L constantly monitors print performance so you can focus on the productivity of your ideas. Built-in sensors help maintain print conditions by sending you alerts on the condition of the machine, even in the presence of dust!

Having in your arsenal 20+ different resins for each application, you can guarantee your customers the result without hesitation. All this in seconds with the simple resin container exchange system.

Start the production by taking it out of its packaging!