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1st Automation & Robotics Expo

    Στην 1η Our participation in the 1st Automation and Robotics Exhibition was accompanied with the introduction in the Greek market of an out-of-the-box thinking in order to optimize the design of a robot’s head tool. The solution was designed so as to reduce the weight of a robotic head tool, which as a result enables the increase of the payload. The need to reduce the weight of a robotic head tool is actually crucial due to the introduction of cooperative robots in production lines. The cooperate robots, as widely known as cobots, provide a very tempting choice not only for their lower cost but also for their technical excellence. From one side the small size, the ease of integration, their versatility and the ability to adapt to their environment, and from the other side the low pricing and the Greek industrial sector advance cobots high enough in the choices lists in order to integrate a total, effective and productive industrial automation solution.

    The promotion of the professional solution of Asbis Robotics Solutions Hellas, which is one of our new partners not only in industrial but also in educational sectors, couldn’t be introduced with anything less than a dynamic proposal from our technical department. By using the 3D Scanning techniques in combination with reverse engineering and with the experience of complex design mechanisms, our technical department integrated a solution in which the robotics head tool do not has any moving part. This kind of design could somebody says that is easy, but the gripping process automation and the corresponding release of the products in a production line, without moving anything in a mechanism demands complex design thinking, high-complexity geometries and very precise programming. Indeed during this exact introduced solution, the processing of box-packaging was chosen, which is actually a complex process already for a robot due to the volumetric constrains.

    This solution couldn’t be conducted without the utilization of Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing. AM enables the ability to manufacture complex geometries without increasing vigorously the manufacturing cost. Additionally, due to the implementation of plastic materials, as the mechanical forces applied in such processes are too low and the most plastic grades could easily withstand, the cost of the manufacturing is even lower compared to a conventional robotic head tool manufacturing cost. Intensive reduction of the weight is also an advantage of this kind of robotic head tool. Any conventional robotic head tool couldn’t be manufactured with less weight than this of 2.5kg. The designed and manufactured passive 3d printed robotic head tool weighted just 260g! We should notice that this weight includes the necessary adaptor flange of the robotic head tool to the cobot, while any change of the tool would require just the release by two screws holding the tool on the flange, so nothing more than 2 mins.