One of the first applications in the field of production is dental engineering for 3d printing and 3d scanning. These new technologies have been applied for several years now in the construction industry for dentistry. Nowadays prices have fallen to levels that do not require high funds to gain access to these technologies.
While available printable materials are getting a wider range and applications. At this time and with every reservation from the continuous refurbishments of the materials, there are available materials for the production of molds in colors of the choice of the user, according to the needs and ergonomics at work, materials with certificates for the possibility of using in direct contact with the patient (surgical splints, masks, etc.), and even the possibility of directly manufacturing denture and moldable articles. The quality of the printed items is well-established without having any anxiety about the final application and in combination with 3D Scan you will be able to reduce construction times and as a result the cost, making it even a small dental laboratory.

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Apart from dentistry and medicine has its own applications in the field of 3d printing, 3d scanning. With data from 3d scanners and even from ultrasounds (via DICOM data), it is possible to make copies of bones or organs and any other point is required per occasion (and at least DICOM data can be obtained).
With special software and treatments, you will be able to obtain pre-surgical models, visual replicas (eg mirroring for plastic reconstruction) and any other use required on an object. In our company we do not know from medicine, but we know to be professional and we know our work well. We are able to help you create specifications for the subject you are requesting, taking into account the conditions of use, the risk, the precision of the final model and the overall engineering of a product.

You just need to set the limits and describe what you need, medical 3d printing does not just require 3d printers requires professionals with knowledge in materials and engineering and these people are us!

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