Get 3D is a company able to provide services around new technologies. Design is something that couldn’t miss from our providing services. Moreover in Get 3D when we talk about design we don’t mean we can use some CAD software but we mean we can design with the absolute meaning of the word. Our designers have experience from the industrial sector of manufacturing, with previous working experience in high managerial positions and the ability to understand your project and design it as it should in order to achieve your goal. With your cooperation and with some “architectural” designers of us we will create the “artistic” part of your project and next we are going to set the requirements in order to make it strong enough for the demands of each application. This means that we are able to work on every project you ask us, from project demanding high artistic quality to projects regarding operable parts under hard operation condition.

You can rely on us as to see your idea or your sketch coming in life in all dimensions. Our design department is able to advise you in each step of creation of each product. 3D Printing is not one way but one more way. Taking this in mind, a consultant will always be by your side on each step as before, during but also after designing help you or even take the control of the production procedure with every technology demanded for your project. In a few words here in Get 3D you can find fully organized departments of design and production programming (and of course some production lines) like a real industry, without needed to buy a whole industry.

Finally it is important to say that due to our creational mind, we understand the importance of creation and that’s why we respect the copyrights of our customers. Get 3D is one a few companies that we don’t announce any cooperation (except something else has been admitted) for marketing reasons. This helps us not to get involved in industrial spying or competition and keep a neutral and right position to every of our customers. Designs are going to be kept safe in our database and you are never in danger to find them in the wrong hands.

It would be a fail to tell you that we know to do everything, because we don’t. But we can tell you with full sincerity that our designers know to hear you, to search, they know to learn, they know to apply and finally they know to achieve goals. So there is nothing better than to give us a goal.
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