3D Printing and 3D Scanning technologies are children of the industrial sector so our company couldn’t act differently than to give all the appropriate respect in this sector. With our specialized personnel which knows well the industrial field and its needs, we will always be by your side in order to use these technologies without any problems. We could categorize provided services as it is shown below, but if your project doesn’t comply with all these below don’t hesitate to contact us in order to help you in the manufacturing procedure.

  1. Manufacturing Services: In Get 3D you will find all available 3D Printing technologies (additive manufacturing). Whatever is your project, we will help you to decide the best material and manufacturing method accordingly to the specification set and always by having in mind the cost of the final product. Moreover in cooperation with other manufacturing technologies or without them, we are able to produce small and medium batches (up to 5000 pcs taking in mind its project this number may differ).
  2. Rapid prototyping: With this service you are able to create the prototype you ask for not only for showcasing purposes but also for your in manufacturing methods (such as investment casting) or even for end-use in your application.
  3. Reverse Engineering: Combine 3D Scan and 3D Print together with other software solutions in CAD and of course with our experience in order to get exactly what you want fast and accurate.
  4. Techno-economical Analysis: If your industry demands buying your own equipment then you should do this carefully regarding your needs. The development of 3D Printing and 3D Scanning market in combination with the unique way 3D Printers work (it is the only method that you actually build from nothing, additive manufacturing) has lead in different paths and has created new factors that in many cases drives away from the known road. In these new way you will need people which know the pros and cons of each machine and they should also understand your needs. These people are sure us and we can say that with full responsibility and guarantee for the final result. We will listen your needs, we will observe the way your work, we will specify together wished result and we are going to propose you solutions. In this way you can always be sure for the result, for the transition period and of course for the future. You will add the manufacturing methods to your production line with any abnormalities and you will earn valuable time and money which are the biggest asset of a modern industry.

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