Modix Big 120ZModix Big 120Z

Modix Big 120Z


Το Modix Big 120Z  είναι ένα κιτ μεγάλου επαγγελματικού τρισδιάστατου εκτυπωτή από την Modix με όγκο εκτύπωσης 600 x 600 x 1200 mm!

Απαιτεί συναρμολόγηση.

Κωδικός προϊόντος: GETBIG120Z Κατηγορία:
  • Print volume : 600 x 600 x 1200 mm
  • Active air filter as an option
  • Automatic levelling of the printing plate with 100 probing points.
  • Hot End E3D Volcano High Flow and Aero Extruder.
  • Duet3D Controller, Wifi included, Trinamic drivers
  • Robust motion system – Hiwin motion rails and Gates belts.
  • 7-inch touch screen with remote web access via wifi


Modix has redefined large format 3D printing and established itself as a pioneer in the market.
Modix has developed robust and expandable XXL 3D printers.

7″ Touch Screen

7-inch Duet3d touch screen – integrated into the controller. It offers WiFi web access for remote control from a cell phone or PC allowing users to download print files directly from their workstation. With SD card and USB slot.

Logiciels Open Source 

Use any cutting software (Slicer) you wish. This includes Slic3r, Cura and Simplify3d. Export your Gcode and load it into the printer.

Large selection of nozzles

The diameters of the Volcano E3D extruders are: 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 mm. You can also use the thinner V6 standard collection of: 0.35, 0.3, 0.25 and 0.15 mm.

Large choice of filaments

You can use filament from any supplier and use different spool sizes. The filament end sensor stops printing when the spool is empty.

• Hiwin Guides MGW12H
• 4 Z-ball screws for Z-axis diameter 16mm, 4mm pitch
• Gates GT2 9mm wide, fiberglass reinforced tension belts
• Axis motors: Motech Nema 17 60mm long MT-1705HS200A
• Holding Torque: ( | Current/Phase: 2.00A |
• Position accuracy: X 10 Micron, Y 10 Micron, Z 0.5 Micron.
• Printing speed – Normal 60 mm/s, Draft 100 mm/s – Calculated with 0.4mm nozzle. Larger nozzles normally print slower but deliver parts much faster due to the reduced amount of layers (thicker layer = lower resolution = faster results).

• E3D Volcano High Volcano Heat Block – optional E3D V6 for small rooms with high details or E3D Super Volcano (shown in the picture on the left) for very – fast high throughput and very large objects.
• 1.75 mm (default) or 3 mm filament diameter
• Volcano brass nozzles 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 (1mm and 1.2mm optional)
• Smaller nozzle diameters are available for the standard E3D V6 heat block
• The heating cartridge is 24V and 40W. The maximum temperature is 285°C by default. It is possible to obtain a higher temperature by changing the thermistor and obtain a temperature of 400°C.
• Alcoa Mic6 cast aluminum plate 6.35 mm thick.
•1370 Watt alternating current heating plate. Requires an independent 15A AC power supply.
• Three heating zones. Inner size 200X200mm for small objects.
• Maximum temperature – 120°C
• Printing surface – PEI film (3M high temperature adhesive sheet)
• BL touch as standard
• The tray calibration information is stored in the printer’s memory and activated before each printout.

• Supporting both 110V and 230V

• Power supply included – Meanwell 24V 280W
• Protections: short-circuit / overload / overvoltage / overtemp.
• No-load power consumption <0.5W
• LED indicator for power on
• Aviation grade switches and connectors
• 1370Watt AC powered heating plate
• Automatic PID controller and solid state relay

• BL touch as standard
• The tray calibration information is stored in the printer’s memory and activated before each printout.

• Solid aluminum profiles with T-slot 40X40.

• Supports and joints in powder-coated laser-cut aluminum.
• Closed 3mm black ACP aluminum composite enclosure.

Enclosure is an optional add-on module for BIG-60 and BIG-120X.


-Premium εξαρτήματα!
-Υψηλής ροής E3D volcano hotend & Titan Aero Extruder.
-Duet3D 32-bit controller with WiFi and Trinamic drivers
-Στιβαρό σύστημα κίνησης – σιδηροτροχιές κίνησης Heavy duty Hiwin MGW και Gates GT2 timing belt, fiber glass reinforced.
-7-inch touchscreen & web remote management (WiFi)
-Κιτ συναρμολόγησης και προσαρμόσιμη πλατφόρμα.
-Διπλή κεφαλή εκτύπωσης
-Kλειστός θάλαμος για τα πιο τεχνικά υλικά εκτύπωσης.
-Αυτόματο bed leveling με 200 σημεία ανίχνευσης.
-Θερμαινόμενη πλατφόρμα εκτύπωσης με θερμοκρασία που φτάνει έως 130°C.
-PEI επιφάνεια εκτύπωσης: διευκολύνει την πρόσφυση και την αφαίρεση του 3D τυπωμένου αντικειμένου.
-End-of-filament sensor: Ο 3D εκτυπωτής ανιχνεύει και προειδοποιεί τον χρήστη όταν το νήμα έχει εξαντληθεί.
-Leveling Casters – Very convenient to move it.
-Print head – dual print head
-Z axis guides- HIWIN MGW Linear Rails
-Closed enclosure – black ACP panels